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Anna Zirk

M. Sc. Human Factors

B. Sc. Psychology





Research associate, working on the DFG-project „Investigating the impact of alarm systems with adaptable thresholds in younger and older adults on the example of a pedestrian assistance system“






since Aug 17
Research Assistant within the DFG-project affiliated to the project FANS at TU Berlin
Research Assistant within the project FANS at TU Berlin
Research Assistant at Berlin Institute for Social Research
Junior Research Consultant at eye square GmbH (User Experience Research)
M. Sc. Human Factors at TU Berlin

Master Thesis:
Binary and likelihood alarm systems in direct comparison: Effect of number of stages on the behavior and performance of the operator
Internship at eye square GmbH (User Experience Research)
Research Student at the research training group “prometei” at TU Berlin
Internship at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co (Research & Development)
Research Assistant at JLU Gießen (Emiprical Educational Research)
Research Student at JLU Gießen (Emiprical Educational Research)
B. Sc. Psychologie at JLU Gießen

Bachelor Thesis: How Does Affect Influence Daily Work Behavior? Empowerment and Action versus State Orientation as Moderators of the Relationship between Negative Affect and Daily Personal Initiative
sports, gardening, travels




List of Publications

Zirk, A., Wiczorek R. & Manzey, D. (accepted). Comparison of binary and likelihood alarm systems varying the number of stages. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Wiczorek, R. & Zirk, A. (2019) Using warning systems with adaptable thresholds: Choice of security level, compliance and performance in a simulated computer security task, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 125, 32-40. (2018, online first)

Engler A., Zirk A., Siebrandt M., Schulze E., Oesterreich D. (2017) Mobility Competencies of People with Down Syndrome Supported by Technical Assistance. In: Braun A., Wichert R., Maña A. (eds). Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol 10217.  Ambient Intelligence 2017 (pp. 241-246) Cham, Österreich: Springer-Verlag

T. Linner, J. Guettler, C. Georgoulas, A. Zirk, E. Schulze, T. Bock (2015). Development and Evaluation of an Assistive Workstation for Cloud Manufacturing in an Ageing Society, Proceedings of the 8th AAL Conference.

Wiczorek, R., Manzey, D., & Zirk, A. (2014). Benefits of Decision-Support by Likelihood versus Binary Alarm Systems. Does the number of stages make a difference? Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 58(1), 380–384.

Von Saucken, A. M., Seifert, B., Pruemper, J., Kraft, M., & Zirk, A. (2014). Chunk Controls-An Approach to Increase Usability In The OR. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING-BIOMEDIZINISCHE TECHNIK, 59, S.1252-S1252.

Rafferty J., Nugent CD., Chen L., Qi J., Dutton R., Zirk A., Boye LT., Kohn M., Hellman R. (2014). NFC based provisioning of instructional videos to assist with instrumental activities of daily living. In 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (S. 4131–4134).

Zirk, A., Schulze, E. (2014). PIA – Personal IADL Assistant: Results of the Focus Groups. Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances In Information Processing And Communication Technology - IPCT Rome (pp.36-39).

Schulze, E., & Zirk, A. (2014). Personalized Smart Environments to Increase Inclusion of People with Down’s Syndrome. In K. Miesenberger, D. Fels, D. Archambault, P. Peňáz, & W. Zagler (Hrsg.), Computers Helping People with Special Needs (S. 144–147). Springer International  Publishing.  

Kaufmann, B., Schemmann, M., Stecher, L., Zirk, A. (2012). Zufriedenheit in erziehungswissenschaftlichen Studiengängen. In R. Egetenmeyer & I. Schüsler (Hrsg.),  Akademische Professionalisierung in der  Erwachsenenbildung/ Weiterbildung (pp. 95-107).

Kaufmann, B., Schemmann, M., Stecher, L., Zirk, A., Greeb, B.  (2011). Bachelor und Diplom aus Sicht der Studierenden. In: Spiegel der Forschung. Wissenschaftsmagazin (pp. 80-88).

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Anna Zirk
Research Associate
Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics
sec. MAR 3-2
Room 3.032
Street Marchstr. 23
10587 Berlin
+49 30 31425216